3 Professional Hail Repair Options

Posted on: 30 April 2015

If one of your vehicles has recently sustained hail damage due to a spring storm, and you have comprehensive insurance coverage, your insurance provider should cover whichever professional hail repair option you choose. Here are three professional hail repair options.

Option #1: Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair means you will be able to skip out on the extra costs that are added on to your repair bill when your repair requires that one of the sections of your vehicle be repainted. Your mechanic will use specialized tools to gently coax the dents out of your vehicle. They will use highly specialized tools to remove the dents from your vehicle without causing any damage to your paint job. This method generally costs less than a traditional repair job where body filler is used and repainting is required.

Option #2: Replacing A Panel

If a specific panel on your vehicle sustained an extensive amount of hail damage, and that panel happens to be one that is easy to remove, your mechanic may suggest that you just replace the panel. All your mechanic will have to do is remove the bolts that hold that specific panel in place and secure a new panel.

As long as your vehicle does not have a custom paint job, your mechanic should be able to order a panel with the same manufacturer paint job that you have right now.

Option #3: Heat Repair

If you have a rather large dent on your vehicle, your mechanic may suggest using a heat repair method. With the heat repair method, your mechanic uses a torch to apply heat to the damaged area. The heat warms up the metal and makes it more pliable. Once the metal is warmed up, your mechanic will use specialized tools to manipulate the metal back into place.

Once the dent is fixed, the area where the heat was applied will have to be painted and primed again. Although this method requires painting, your mechanic will not have to spend precious time sanding and applying auto body filler to your vehicle.

Don't just get a quote; be sure to inquire about the specific methods hail repair methods listed above. These are all affordable repair options that are sure to look great on your vehicle. Your mechanic may use one of the methods listed above to fix your vehicle. Depending on the extent of the repairs, they may end up employing multiple methods to fix your vehicle. If you're looking for an auto body repair shop, visit Bowling Green Lincoln Auto Sales.