How To Inspect Your Car Airbag For Safety And Originality

Posted on: 2 February 2016

The safety of an airbag is crucial for the safety of the driver and passengers. Having one that operates when it is essential requires a bit of inspection to be sure it remains functional. Specific tests can be performed to ensure all of the circuits and sensors don't have any issues. If you notice a flashing light, it is an indication that a problem exists. Special codes indicate the problem area of the bag.


An airbag indicator will display numbers and intermittent flashes to indicate the source of the problem. You count the flashes to discover the code. For code 24, you will receive two flashes followed by a pause, and four more flashes will indicate you have a problem with the bag. A series of two numbers will describe further issues with the unit.

After the testing, the module will need to be reset to be reprogrammed. However, it can't be reset if it has fire, flood, or hardware damage.

Light Issues

Your light may be on for the airbag to indicate it needs collision repair, or it may be for other various reasons.

  • The vehicle was in an accident
  • A bad component in the system
  • A computer system issue

 You must follow the exact instructions provided by the manufacturer or the unit light may remain on in the vehicle.


If you believe you have a serious issue with the airbag, it is advisable to check for a recall with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This can be checked with the vehicle's identification number quickly. The information can be used to contact the dealer or manufacturer of the vehicle if it involves more than one case.


Each type of airbag model must be used for the corresponding car because it a unique unit. For example, if the unit came from a 2015 Ford Taurus, the replacement must be from that type of car. You will need to compare the part numbers for components replaced in the airbag. If they are not the same, the unit will not function in the vehicle. If you send the unit away for repair, it is advised to send the original module from the vehicle. It will be programmed using the (VIN) vehicle identification number.

These guidelines should paint a clear picture of how important airbag safety is for you and your family. A defective bag will not prevent injury, but one that is functional might save your life.