Brake System Trouble Signs: An Overview For Car Owners

Posted on: 3 April 2019

As a car owner, recognizing trouble signs is important for your safety and the safety of others on the road. For example, when your brakes are failing, they will exhibit certain specific signs. Recognizing those signs, especially in the early stages, can help you address brake problems before they lead to complete brake failure. Here are some things that you should be attentive to.

Brake Sounds

In most cases, you don't really hear your brakes. They function as they are intended, and you probably don't even think about them. However, if your brakes have actually started making noise, that's a sign that wear and tear have already started to do their worst. Sharp squeaks or grinding are signs of trouble. Any time you hear an unusual sound from your brakes, it's a good idea to have them inspected.

Strange Response

Your brakes should respond gradually and smoothly when you press the pedal. If you are feeling any kind of pull when you hit the brakes, or your brake pedal is either squishy or vibrating, those are also signs that there's something not right with your car's brakes. Usually, it's an indication that the pads are unevenly worn or there's a pressure problem in the brake lines. Either one could lead to problems, so have it addressed as quickly as possible.

Slow Response

As your brakes wear, and when the pressure drops in the system, it can gradually take longer for your car to come to a complete stop. You may not notice the change right away, but if it feels as though it's taking longer for your car to stop, it likely is. You'll need to have the brakes inspected to see if the problem lies with the pads and the brake assembly or if it's something in the hydraulic lines.

Tripped Sensor

Most cars are now equipped with sensors that alert you when various components malfunction. Your brake system is no exception. Whether it's the ABS warning light or another indicator light on the dash, if it's triggered by a sensor on your brake system, that means something isn't functioning as it is intended. You'll need to have it looked at as soon as possible to prevent complete brake system failure.

Understanding the trouble signs is the first step to recognizing brake issues. Since your brakes are integral to the safety of your car on the road, make sure that you are attentive to these things at all times. For more information, contact companies like George's Eastside Shell.