Find A Local Body Shop Of Your Choice For Peace Of Mind During Collision Repair

Posted on: 11 March 2022

Getting into a car accident is never ideal and your first thought will likely be to do whatever it takes to get back on the road as soon as possible. But whether you are paying with help from your insurance policy or you are paying out of pocket, there are a variety of reasons why you might want to spend some additional time finding the right local shop for your collision repair instead of just taking it to the first one you find or the first one your insurance provider suggests. Here are some of the benefits of putting in the effort to find a local body shop for your upcoming collision work.

Prioritize Your Peace of Mind Instead of Letting the Insurance Company Prioritize a Lower Cost

Insurance providers must keep up their end of the deal and payout to fix your vehicle if the accident meets the terms of the policy, but there are still other things they can do to try and keep their costs down. They may have an arrangement with a national chain of repair shops or affiliates who might agree to do certain repairs in a certain way to keep costs down. But under your policy, you have the right to take your car to any body shop you want. You just might need to wait for reimbursement afterward, but this will allow you to make sure you are getting the service you want using the parts or repair methods that you desire.

Find a Local Shop Close to You for Convenience and Possibly Get Your Vehicle Back Faster

If you stick to the recommended list of body shops from your insurer, maybe you'll get lucky or maybe there isn't one close to you and you'll have to drive three towns over just to get your car fixed. Find a local collision repair shop in your own town to make things easier but also because if you use a local family-style shop, they may make it more of a priority to get you back on the road quickly as opposed to a national chain where you are just a number.

Mom and Pop or Family Style Shops May Be More Likely to Help You Out If You Have to Pay for Anything Out of Pocket

Speaking of those family-run shops, you may be able to get a better deal if you know you will have to pay for all or at least some of the expenses out of pocket. You may be able to use aftermarket or used parts if you know your insurance isn't helping you and the car is out of the warranty period anyway. A smaller, local shop might even be willing to reduce their labor fees if they know that you are not paying with assistance from your insurance. 

For more information, contact a local body shop