Repairing Your Car After A Collision

Posted on: 9 June 2022

There are many different types of damage that can occur to a vehicle following a collision. While damage to the paint and dents to the exterior can be among the more well-known issues that may follow an auto accident, these are far from the only potential issues that your vehicle could suffer.

Exterior Light Damage

The exterior lights on your vehicle can help to improve the visibility of the car at night while also making it easier for you to see where the vehicle is driving. During an impact, it is possible for these lighting systems to suffer extensive damage that could completely prevent them from working. In addition to being necessary for your safety to have these issues repaired, it is also a legal requirement for the lights on your vehicle to work correctly. Repairing this damage can be complicated as it may be necessary to replace the entire housing unit for the damaged lights.

Rear View Camera And Sensor Failures

Many modern vehicles will be equipped with a rear view camera or sensor system. These capabilities can reduce the risk of an accident occurring when the vehicle is backing up. Unfortunately, these components can be relatively fragile, and this can leave them vulnerable to suffering damage as a result of an accident. When these components fail, the driver may be regularly distracted by false alerts or warning sounds. Additionally, individuals that have developed the habit of relying on these capabilities may be significantly more likely to experience an accident if they are not promptly repaired. The repair costs for these components can be relatively high, but this is largely due to the high cost of the replacement cameras and sensors. The installation work for these components may actually be relatively short compared to the other repairs your vehicle may require.

Alignment Problems

During a collision, the vehicle will be subjected to intense forces. This can be enough to cause the vehicle to develop a number of alignment problems that may greatly reduce the overall performance and handling of the vehicle. When these issues are due to alignment problems with the wheels or tires, repairs may be short and affordable. However, if the alignment issue is the result of damage to the frame of the car, it can be far more involved to address. Depending on the extent of the frame damage and the design of the car, it may be possible for a repair service to use powerful equipment to help bend the frame back into the correct shape.

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