2 Reasons To Have Your Car's Dented Fender Repaired After A Minor Collision

Posted on: 15 November 2022

After your car was involved in a collision, you may have found that one of the front fenders was dented. Since the damage seems to only be cosmetic, you may believe that you can put off having the fender fixed.

While the damage may only seem to have affected the appearance of your car, there may be other issues that will impact both the safety and driveability of the vehicle. Below are a couple of reasons why you should have the dented fender examined and repaired by a professional after being involved in a minor collision.

1. Frame under the Fender May Have Sustained Damage During the Impact 

One reason why you should have the damage to the front fender inspected right away is that the frame underneath could have sustained damage. If the impact was enough to dent the fender, the frame may have been bent or cracked during the collision.

When the frame is damaged, the strength of the car's body is compromised, making it unsafe to drive in case of another accident. If the frame is bent, it could make the car pull to one side while driving. A professional auto body professional will check the condition of the frame while inspecting the damage to the fender. 

2. Dented Fender Can Cause a Body Misalignment That Makes It Difficult to Drive Straight

Another reason you should have your car inspected is that a dented fender affects the body's alignment. Even if the frame was not bent during the impact, the altered shape of the fender could make it difficult to keep the car straight while driving.

If the dent is above the wheel well, it is also possible that the tire and its rod were damaged or knocked out of alignment. The repair professional will check for all of these issues when you take it to the shop to have the fender examined.  

When your car's fender is dented during a minor collision, the impact could have caused more problems than just cosmetic damage. The frame under the fender may have sustained damage. The body may have also become misaligned enough that you have difficulty keeping the car straight while driving. As soon as possible after the accident, take your car to an auto body repair shop in your area to have them fully inspect the vehicle so that any serious issues as well as cosmetic damage can be fixed. 

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